November 2020

How long has it been since we last connected? If it feels like years – it probably has been.

You remember that last year I was on a walk in Newport Beach when I was hit by a car breaking my back. What a mess I was – but alive. Then my partner Jacob died. The losses were staggering and it felt like my life was in ashes. As time has passed, I’ve been healing.

While in a turtle-like back brace, I lived at Heritage Pointe. With their support, I graduated from a wheelchair, began caring for myself, and learned to walk again. I now drive a car again.

I was sustained by the love of my friends, family, and the community I serve. I’m managing the pandemic with virtual visits and picnics in Orange County’s beautiful parks. I’m even enjoying a new hobby in the game of croquet!

I never expected my accident to lead to the joy I’m experiencing. I am grateful to be alive. Sunrise is my favorite time of day (still) – lighting me up with a sense of potential for the future. I find myself living in the moment, where colors are brighter, bird songs delight me, food has a richer flavor, I hear music lyrics as poetry, and unique moments make me laugh out loud.

As life began again for me, I’ve been called to create something new. I want to offer a supportive and loving virtual community for seniors. What I saw in my own recovery is that seniors can feel isolated, especially when they are mobility-limited like I was. This experience is deeply intensified by the Covid pandemic.

I’ll be the first to agree that my idea might be crazy, but I believe that outside-of-the-box thinking is what the world requires. I would love for you to follow the journey with me.

Join my journey and I will let you know exactly how this new community is getting built! I’ve named it L’Chaim Village.

Join my new journey of building L’Chaim Village

I would love to stay connected with you through this remarkable time of solace. Let’s connect and find new ways to support each other. I’d love an update on what is going on in your life – how are you?

Sending you love and gratitude in this season of Thanksgiving,

Mary Ann Malkoff
(714) 328-8541
3493 Monte Hermoso, Unit N, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

P.S. If the link doesn’t work for you or it’s easier for you to just email me back, reply letting me know you’d like to follow my journey in this crazy adventure to build social connection for seniors. I’ll then add you to the list and let you know what’s happening as it develops!